Youth Basketball Events

Youth basketball Tournaments

East Coast Nationals


June 26 - 28, 2020

Super National Qualifiers

 Don’t miss your chance to participate in the PREMIER 1 Super National Qualifiers! These events include great regional competition as well as an opportunity to earn a $150 discount to East Coast Nationals @ SPOOKY NOOK June 26 - 28,2019.

Super National Qualifiers Events that allow all 1st - 4th place teams to advance to the East Coast Nationals at a larger discount then the National Qualifiers, see below:

                                                     1st Place -   $150 off

                                                        2nd Place - $125 off

                                                        3rd Place -  $75 off

                                                        4th Place -  $50 off

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Our National Qualifiers are our own events. We do NOT rely on other organizations to lend us their winning teams for the sake of hosting a National Level Tournament.