Youth Basketball Events

Youth basketball Tournaments



  • Each session starts at the whistle/Horn sounds at the end of every 5 minutes 

  • Winner advances to next basket QUICKLY! l/Whistle starts next 5 minutes

  • Winners start with the ball (coin flip/1st shot decides initial possession)

  • 24 second shot clock

  • 1's & 2's Alternating possessions on a make

  • Jump ball rotating possession

  • Change of possession rebound (ball hits rim); take back to 3—point arc (one foot must clear the arc)

  • If the defense possesses any shot that doesn’t hit the rim or any turnover can attempt to score without a take back

  • 4 fouls per player per game; fouls = 1 pt

  • Ties will continue play for a max of one minute and next basket wins 

  • Tied after 1 minute; match FT’s to decide winner

  • After each session teams are seeded by W/L record, Points allowed, and if team finished at Championship basket

  • Referee calls are final!!!!

Players/Coaches will not negatively address or use derogatory language or gestures towards referees, players, spectators and/or staff, 2 technicals will result in immediate ejection from the game and possible suspension from future 3V3 events.

All 2020 Event scheduling and results will be managed by Tourney Machine: